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I'm using jqgrid and I have a problem with checkboxes.

I have a column in my database that returns 'S' --> true and 'N'--> false.

I've seen some examples on the Internet and I chose this way (thinking that was the correct one):

{name:'acc_web', index:'acc_web', width:60, editable:true, edittype:"checkbox", formatter:"checkbox",editoptions: {value:"S:N"}},   

However, this always checks as true the checkbox. Is anything wrong here? Furthermore, I have put it as editable, but I can't!

The entire code is this:

$(document).ready(function () {

        datatype: "json", 
        colNames:['Acceso web','Primer apellido','Segundo apellido','Nombre','Login', 'Perfil'], 
            {name:'acc_web', index:'acc_web', width:60, editable:true, edittype:"checkbox", formatter:"checkbox",editoptions: {value:"S:N"}},               
            {name:'apellido1',index:'apellido1', width:200},
            {name:'apellido2',index:'apellido2', width:200},
            {name:'nombre',index:'nombre', width:160},               
            {name:'login',index:'login', width:100}, 
            {name:'perfil',index:'perfil', width:160}
        width: 820,
        height: 200,
        pager: '#pager2', 
        sortname: 'apellido1', 
        viewrecords: true, 
        sortorder: "asc", 
        caption:"Listado de usuarios"


Finally I solved the problem:

Checkbox in jqgrid recognizes only some attributes as false,0,No,undefined and some more. I only have to map my results to these ones. In this case: 'S' --> 1 and 'N' --> 0. With this mapping, problems solved :)

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