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I'm making a custom event calendar with PHP. I am trying to get the current day box to show up white, to let the user know that's the current day. I have all the <td> boxes with an id of row-calendar-cell and I want a way to detect that the certain box is the current day and to change the id to current-day. Any help on that?

Also, I really am not sure how to display the day numbers in the right boxes...to be honest. Can anybody give a simple idea on how to do this?

Thanks a ton for any help!


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Please post your code. Don't make us stab in the dark. :-) –  John Kugelman Jul 10 '09 at 2:29

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The simplest ideas I can give you:
1. Calendar presentation layer is rendered on the client - use a client side library for the calendar (i.e. JS and not PHP).
If you insist on PHP use on of the thousands all ready written.
2. I believe you meant you give all the cells a class and not id as id is for one, and only one, item in a page.

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I've just decided to take a calendar and modify it to suit my needs. Thanks anyway. –  Dixon Crews Jul 11 '09 at 3:59

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