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If the user fills a form in formset incompletely and then marks it for deletion, my form handling dies horribly. The deleted forms prevent formset.cleaned_data from working as they don't validate and thus the form doesn't have a cleaned_data attribute. If I try to iterate over formset.deleted_forms and delete the forms from formset.forms, then formset.cleaned_data crashes due to index out of range.

How should I be handling these invalid forms the user didn't want anyway?

( This is my error, I have copied description from google groups)

I don't understant the error because looking into django code I can read this:

def is_valid(self):
    Returns True if form.errors is empty for every form in self.forms.
    if not self.is_bound:
        return False
    # We loop over every form.errors here rather than short circuiting on the
    # first failure to make sure validation gets triggered for every form.
    forms_valid = True
    err = self.errors
    for i in range(0, self.total_form_count()):
        form = self.forms[i]
        if self.can_delete:                           <-------
            if self._should_delete_form(form):
                # This form is going to be deleted so any of its errors
                # should not cause the entire formset to be invalid.
        if bool(self.errors[i]):
            forms_valid = False
    return forms_valid and not bool(self.non_form_errors())

At this time, this is my code to avoid errors:

formFac = modelformset_factory(prm_model, extra = extra, can_delete = prm_can_delete )

if request.method == 'POST':
    formSet = formFac( request.POST )
    hi_ha_errors = False
    if formSet.is_valid():
        for form in formSet:
            if form not in formSet.deleted_forms:
        for form in formSet.deleted_forms:
            instance = form.instance
            if instance.pk:
                except Exception, e:                    
                    form._errors.setdefault(NON_FIELD_ERRORS, []).append( 
                          'This row is referenced by others.'  )
                    hi_ha_errors = True

        if not hi_ha_errors:
            return HttpResponseRedirect( prm_url_next )     
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Same problem here.. debugging! –  Tomasz Zielinski Oct 9 '12 at 16:17
@TomaszZielinski, Solved yet for me. Problem was with dynamic forms. Let me know if you need some help. –  danihp Oct 9 '12 at 21:30
Solved here as well. But those formsets are "1990-sh" :) –  Tomasz Zielinski Oct 12 '12 at 19:26
post your answer, i will check as solution –  danihp Oct 12 '12 at 19:37
anyone interested in posting the answer here? –  Laura Jan 30 '14 at 17:08

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