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In Java, I've been researching how to change background color of the buttons on the ends of a scroll bar. I haven't found a site that explained how and I've also looked through the UIManager Defaults to try to look for something, but I can't find anything. So if anyone can tell me how to change the background color for the buttons on a scrollbar, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Create a new BasicScrollBarUI and override the createDecreaseButton and createIncreaseButton methods:

final Color newColor = ...
ScrollBarUI yourUI = new BasicScrollBarUI() {
    protected JButton createDecreaseButton(int orientation) {
        JButton button = super.createDecreaseButton(orientation);
        return button;

    protected JButton createIncreaseButton(int orientation) {
        JButton button = super.createIncreaseButton(orientation);
        return button;
JScrollPane scroll = ...
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