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I'm running Xcode 4.3.2 on Lion and I have a very old Xcode 1.0 project whose targets are Jam-based. When I'm trying to build such a target, Xcode tells me that "Jam is deprecated and has been removed; targets that use Jam must be upgraded to native targets. For more information on doing this, consult the Xcode documentation.".

Unfortunately, neither could I find anything in Xcode 4's documentation, nor could I locate Xcode 3's "Project > Upgrade To Native Target" menu item anywhere in Xcode 4.

How can I do the target conversion in Xcode 4?

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From the lack of answers I conclude that there are only two ways to achieve what I wanted:

  • Either set up Xcode 3 for doing the conversion or

  • Recreate the project by hand in Xcode 4.

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