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I cannot get my Spring web app to find my scripts. I have the jdbc namespace configured. I have the scripts written, but, I can't figure out why no matter where I put the scripts, they can't be found. I've specifically marked folders are 'class folders'. I've put them in the same folderr as all my jars... I've thrown a hundred rocks. It's almost as though the error listed is not really my error.

This should be so simple, but sometimes, I just hit stumps.

Ultimately, I'm trying to get code in place so I can initialize a database I've promoted to CloudFoundry.

I get "Cannot read SQL script from class path resource [etcog-schema.sql]". This is my code--just like every other example I've found.

<jdbc:initialize-database data-source="dataSource">
  <jdbc:script location="classpath:etcog-schema.sql"/>
  <jdbc:script location="classpath:etcog-data.sql"/>

Thank you.

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If you are using STS and if you have created your application using the Spring Templates, then if you just put your *.sql file(s) inside src/main/resources, you should be able to access them via classpath:...

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Thank you... I was just fixing to come back here and say just that. I created a folder called 'db' and changed the servlet-context entries to "<jdbc:spring location="/resources/db/my-sql-statements.sql"/> – Davidson Jun 20 '12 at 14:07
Happy you got it working! :-) – Ali Moghadam Jun 20 '12 at 21:31
I've left another question on a Connection link error I'm getting I would be very grateful if you could address if you have a sec... – Davidson Jun 21 '12 at 1:59

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