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I am creating variant h.264 streams using x264. Using a qpfile (http://mewiki.project357.com/wiki/X264_Settings#qpfile) I ensure that my variant streams have common keyframes. However, they can have other keyframes that differ between streams if the encoder optimizer wants because I do not specify every frame of the video in the qpfile.

Are there any segmenters available that will allow me to specify which keyframes are allowed to start a new segment? Otherwise, if I segment only by target duration, it is likely that my variant streams will be segmented out of sync.

I am asking because I want to add hls to my current encoding process without changing it. I have not seen any segmenters that allow this, or something similar.

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To the best of my knowledge, there is no such tool.

It might not be too difficult to make your own segmenter that would read a qpfile that only has the common keyframes, but it is work.

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