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My company has a private repository. I am trying to add a dependency to my project. I expected maven to search for it in maven central on not finding it within the company repository. However from the error below. It does not look like this is the case:-

Could not resolve dependencies for project com.myCompany.blah-common:jar:0.0.1-SNAPSHOT: Could not find artifact com.cedarsoft:wicket:jar:1.2.2 in myCompanySnapshots (http://ci:9090/nexus/content/groups/public-snapshots)

How can I fix it. The dependency is wicket and I know it is available in maven central. Moreover I also have the Wicket repository defined in my project pom as well.

Thank you

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You probably have some error in pom.xml, there is no <artifact> called jar under <group> com.cedarsoft:wicket, check out here. –  yorkw Jun 17 '12 at 21:35
It looks either you settings.xml file is not ok, or the configuration of the company nexus is not ok, cause it searches in a SNAPSHOT repository which is wrong cause the wicket jar is a release. –  khmarbaise Jun 18 '12 at 11:09

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