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It appears the slug doesn't save when using saveAll(). I have it doing a save() immediately after the saveAll, and it works now, but it's an obvious kludge, and I'd rather get it working with saveAll if possible... I have other models that should be generating slugs, and I'd rather not have to dual save every time just to create a slug.


Trying to implement this behavior: https://github.com/vduglued/CakePHP-Sluggable-Behavior/blob/master/sluggable.php

It was working fine, but recently it stopped... I'm not sure what the issue is, or what we changed, but I've narrowed down the problem.

In the behavior's beforeValidate(); function, it adds the correct slug to the data. When I debug $model->data at that point, it shows:

Array('Article' => array('slug'=>'test_1234')  ...

among other data.

If I remove THAT debug and debug $this->data in the beforeSave() of my Article model, it shows all the data, but NOT the slug field that should have been added via the SluggableBehavior.

I don't think I should have to alter the behavior, as I thought it was working fine before..but maybe a recent update in CakePHP versions changed something with how Behaviors and Models communicate?

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Dave can you post the controller action? –  Leo Jun 18 '12 at 15:08

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This was a bug in saveAssociated(), update your cake core

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To be more specific for future users, according to the CakePHP.org site, they recently added a fix: "Model::saveMany(), saveAssociated() correctly save data that was modified in a beforeValidate() callback." –  Dave Jun 18 '12 at 17:42

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