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Im mainly asking for an explaination. Ive got a website using virtuemart on joomla. I also have a client that doesnt want to use any gateway payment programs. at the moment im using a simple form for credit card details which of course is terrible.

I have bought a SSL and waiting for that to be activiated.

Would this SSL do for encryption forms? or will I need to edit the form aswell so its encrypted.

What they used to have was a credit card payment area where you put your details in and click submit. they (the company) got an email with a link that you then clicked on to view an encrypted email with the clients credit card details.

I have never used virtuemart before nor SSL. So some help would be awesome.

Dont mind removing the form but need someway to have a credit card form on the site that is secure.


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I have bought an SSL

You have bought an SSL certificate. That identifies your site to clients when you both use the SSL protocol, which performs authentication, encryption, and various other things to assure privacy and integrity.

You need to define access to the form so that it requires HTTPS rather than HTTP.

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Thanks EJP ill give it a go – Callum Jun 18 '12 at 23:38
Just found where buying "an SSL" came from (scroll down "About our SSLs", "Why you need an SSL", "Why buy a Go Daddy SSL?", "One SSL covers unlimited servers", ...). Unbelievable, coming from people whose job it is to know about all this... – Bruno Oct 23 '12 at 23:08

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