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Basically, I want to achieve the same thing as ON DUPLICATE KEY in MySQL.

Here's a contrived example:

$rec = array('Foo' => array(
  'id' => 999,  // Assume there isn't already a record with this id
  'website' => 'google'

// save with different 'website' value
$rec['Foo']['website'] = 'stackoverflow';

Does the last line update the record that was created just a few lines up?

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If you call save(), supplying a record with an existing id (or whatever is the primary key), it will update, otherwise it will create a new record.

So in your case, yes, it would update the record that was first created at the top.


Here's the supporting documentation:

Creating or updating is controlled by the model's id field. If $Model->id is set, the record with this primary key is updated. Otherwise a new record is created.

Under the documentation for Model::save().

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Thanks, Peter. You da man. –  allyourcode Jul 10 '09 at 3:20

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