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I am new to MVCContrib Testhelper and mocking with Rhino.

I am needing assistance with unit testing a controller which relies on User.Identity.Name, Server.MapPath and Form Collection.

I started off with

var controller = new SubmitController();
var builder = new TestControllerBuilder();

I found this post for setting User.Identity.Name

controller.ControllerContext = TestHelper.MockControllerContext(controller).WithAuthenticatedUser("domain\\username");

At this point, in my controller i am now able to get to the User.Identity. The problem then became how to i set Form Collection variables. Setting


no longer worked. It seemed that now I had to access via


This seemed to work, but at this point, i was no longer using builder(TestControllerBuilder) above.

I then had to mock Server which raised up more issues. How can I continue to use builder but use mocks or stubs for httpContext, HttpRequest, Server etc. I was sort of expecting that builder would have methods for setting expected values for HttpRequest, Server etc.


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When you replaced the controller's ControllerContext that removed the MVCContrib context. Try something like this:

using MvcContrib.TestHelper;
using MvcContrib.TestHelper.Fakes;
using Rhino.Mocks;

var builder = new TestControllerBuilder();
builder.Form.Add("testvar", "1"); 
builder.HttpContext.User = new FakePrincipal(new FakeIdentity("UserName"), new string[] { "Role" });
builder.HttpContext.Server.Stub(x => x.MapPath(Arg<string>.Is.Anything)).Return("Value");
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