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I am using Entity Framework 5 in my project and I want to update a record. How do I do this?

Here is my base class.

using System;  

namespace EF_Sample09.DomainClasses  
    public abstract class BaseEntity  
        public int Id { get; set; }  

        public DateTime CreatedOn { set; get; }  
        public string CreatedBy { set; get; }  

        public DateTime ModifiedOn { set; get; }  
        public string ModifiedBy { set; get; }  
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Im assuming you want an example of how to perform an update using EF? –  Luke McGregor Jun 17 '12 at 22:24
no.iwant to update data –  Mohammad Jun 18 '12 at 4:49

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Taking from the great ADO.NET Entity Framework Overview:

using(AdventureWorksDB aw = new 
AdventureWorksDB(Settings.Default.AdventureWorks)) {
    // find all people hired at least 5 years ago
    Query<SalesPerson> oldSalesPeople = aw.GetQuery<SalesPerson>(
        "SELECT VALUE sp " +
        "FROM AdventureWorks.AdventureWorksDB.SalesPeople AS sp " +
        "WHERE sp.HireDate < @date",
        new QueryParameter("@date", DateTime.Today.AddYears(-5)));

    foreach(SalesPerson p in oldSalesPeople) {
        // call the HR system through a webservice to see if this
        // sales person has a promotion coming (note that this
        // entity type is XML-serializable)
        if(HRWebService.ReadyForPromotion(p)) {
            p.Bonus += 10; // give a raise of 10% in the bonus
            p.Title = "Senior Sales Representative"; // give a promotion 

    // push changes back to the database

You basically just have to:

  • create your ObjectContext (or DbContext)
  • fetch some records
  • modify the objects
  • call the context's .SaveChanges() method to write those changes back to the database

That's it!

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