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I'm trying to make a SPARQL query, that returns a variable which contains two words, separated by something.. actually, I try to get a variable like ?πληθυσμός_population (greek and english). however, I'd prefer something different than "_", for example an "/" or "-" or even a ":" so that I can do something like "?Ελλ:Πληθυσμός/Eng:Population". How can I do this in a SPARQL query?

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The grammar for SPARQL variable names does not allow chars like /, :, or -, because these (and several others) have reserved meanings in SPARQL.

However, you have plenty of other choices. For example, a middle dot '·' is allowed, as is any combination character from the Unicode combining diacritical range, or indeed any Unicode char in the ranges mentioned in the PN_CHAR_BASE grammar rule. Knock yourself out trying to find a char you fancy :)

I would point out, by the way, that using an underscore is actually a pretty well-established practice for separating two words in variables names.

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actually I am using underscore but I wanted something more suitable, since I'm separating word belonging to different languages.I'll try the links you posted.thnx –  mariosk89 Jun 18 '12 at 6:59

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