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I want use "BYTE_ORDER" macro in my Xcode project but i can't because i don't know in which header it's defined.

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When I look in my Xcode 4.3.X installation, I find the "byte_order.h" file located in a few places:

find . -name byte_order.h -print

You'd probably want to do a "#include <architecture/byte_order.h>" in your .c file in order to pick up the byte_order macros.

For the actual "BYTE_ORDER" define itself, well that's defined in a few specific places but the way it's defined seems meant for very specific purposes. For example, this define:


is meant only for Kernel Extensions (drivers).

And this define:

#  endif /* BYTE_ORDER */

is meant for X11 stuff (ewww).

I'd say the best thing to do is use the "NXHostByteOrder" inline function in the "byte_order.h" file, and this will give you the byte order of the current host.

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It seems that byte_order.h doesn't contain the macro BYTE_ORDER: opensource.apple.com/source/architecture/architecture-260/… –  Zeta Jun 17 '12 at 22:36
yep... just noticed that. I'll modify my answer a little bit. –  Michael Dautermann Jun 17 '12 at 22:37
Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately "NXHostByteOrder" can't be used in a preprocessor condition (as far as i know) unlike "BYTE_ORDER" macro. Just out of curiosity... Do you think that "NSHostByteOrder" is built upon "NXHostByteOrder"? –  Mpac Jun 17 '12 at 23:37

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