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The following code allows me to send SNS with (queue) SQS but i cant seem to choose the protocol like in amazons management console enter image description here

* the keys are all random strings


//create a new SQS queue and grab the queue URL
$sqs = new AmazonSQS(array( "key" => $AWS_KEY, "secret" => $AWS_SECRET_KEY ));
$response = $sqs->create_queue('test-topic-queue');
$queue_url = (string) $response->body->CreateQueueResult->QueueUrl;
$queue_arn = 'arn:aws:sqs:us-east-1:ENCQ8gqrAcXv:test-topic-queue';

//create a new SNS topic and grab the topic ARN.
$sns = new AmazonSNS(array( "key" => $AWS_KEY, "secret" => $AWS_SECRET_KEY ));
$response = $sns->create_topic('test-topic');
$topic_arn = (string) $response->body->CreateTopicResult->TopicArn;

//Then give the SNS topic the permission to send messages to the SQS queue. ** allow all principals. SNS doesn't send from your account ID -- it has its own account ID that it sends from.
$queue_url = '';
$queue_arn = 'arn:aws:sqs:us-east-1:ENCQ8gqrAcXv:test-topic-queue';
$topic_arn = 'arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:ENCQ8gqrAcXv:test-topic';

$policy = new CFPolicy($sqs, array(
        'Version' => '2008-10-17',
        'Id' => 'sampleId',
        'Statement' => array(
                        'Resource' => $queue_arn,
                        'Effect' => 'Allow',
                        'Sid' => 'rule1',
                        'Action' => 'sqs:*',
                        'Condition' => array(
                                'StringEquals' => array(
                                        'aws:SourceArn' => $topic_arn
                        'Principal' => array(
                                'AWS' => '*'

$response = $sqs->set_queue_attributes($queue_url, array(
        array('Name' => 'Policy', 'Value' => $policy->get_json())

//then subscribe the SQS queue to the SNS topic and grab the subscription ARN.
$queue_arn = 'arn:aws:sqs:us-east-1:ENCQ8gqrAcXv:test-topic-queue';
$topic_arn = 'arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:ENCQ8gqrAcXv:test-topic';
$response = $sns->subscribe($topic_arn, 'sqs', $queue_arn);

// normally here is where you would choose the protocol but this example sends this to SQS
// subscribe ( $topic_arn, $protocol, $endpoint, $opt ) 

$subscription_arn = (string) $response->body->SubscribeResult->SubscriptionArn;
//view the list of subscriptions to verify.
$topic_arn = 'arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:ENCQ8gqrAcXv:test-topic';

$q = new CFBatchRequest(200);
for ($i = 0; $i < 1000; $i++)
        $sns->batch($q)->publish($topic_arn, 'Hello world! ' . time());
$response = $sns->batch($q)->send();

//receive messages from the queue.
$queue_url = '';
$response = $sqs->receive_message($queue_url, array(
        'MaxNumberOfMessages' => 10,

// delete SQS queue
$queue_url = ''; 
$response = $sqs->delete_queue($queue_url);


question: where would i choose the protocol?
this link says that subscribe() is where protocol is defined but the above example sends that to SQS

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You can use SNS to push to an SMS number, and you can also use SNS to push to an SQS queue. But SQS is not capable of pushing anything — including to an SMS number.

Perhaps you have your infrastructure components confused?

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then what is "inside" SQS, i pictured it as a string – t q Oct 5 '12 at 12:27
SQS contains messages. You put messages in, and you pull messages out… but SQS doesn't do anything other than store the messages. SQS isn't a push model — it's a pull model. SNS does pushing. – Ryan Parman Oct 5 '12 at 19:12

Subscribe method has the following signature

subscribe ( $topic_arn, $protocol, $endpoint, $opt )

If you what to subscribe using SMS as protocol then do the following

$response = $sns->subscribe($topic_arn, 'sms', $phone_no);

where $phone_no(String) is the phone number of the sms enabled device

The different protocols currently supported are http, https, email, email-json, sms and sqs based on the protocol you have to change the $endpoint parameter passed to the subscribe method.

Checkout the full documentation for subscribe method

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but then how does this get sent to SQS? – t q Jun 26 '12 at 14:22
what are you trying to do? – Josnidhin Jun 27 '12 at 4:04
i am trying to send SMS using SQS. in my sample code, it seems to send to SQS but im not understanding where i can choose the protocol – t q Jun 28 '12 at 1:46
I dont think thats possible. SMS protocol is part of SNS and can only be used for SNS notification. If you want to send SMS for items in SQS then you will have to use some other sms service together with some code to consume items from sqs. – Josnidhin Jun 28 '12 at 2:06
then with the code above, what would one place a queue? – t q Jun 28 '12 at 2:13

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