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When I have a grammar called, e.g.

 : (op ';')*

Is it possible to add throw clauses like throws SQLException? Every time I compile the Grammer with ANTLR, my Parser throws errors because I did not add any throw clauses to the concrete methods.

I'm asking this cause the rules call methods that use given SQL-database-connection and so I have to add the declarations.

public final void op() throws RecognitionException {

I want to add SQLException and ClassNotFoundException automatically on building antlr-generated files (Lexer, Parser).

Regards, redstreak

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On page 24 of the ANTLR Reference Manual it says:

To specify that your parser (or tree parser rule) can throw a non-ANTLR specific exception, use the exceptions clause. For example, here is a simple parser specification with a rule that throws MyException:

class P extends Parser;

a throws MyException
  : A

ANTLR generates the following for rule a:

public final void a() 
  throws RecognitionException,
  try {
  catch (RecognitionException ex) {

It seems that this wasn't implemented in earlier versions: throwing non-antlr exceptions Fortunately, in the ANTLR 3.4 Release Notes, it says:

Implement the 'throwsSpec' feature of parser rules for the Java target

Just give it a try.

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Thanks, in antlr-3.2 it didn't work for me, so as you told me i added antlr-3.4. as general lib and everything works fine. Thank you :) –  DmiN Jun 18 '12 at 9:13

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