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I have found -E very useful to see preprocessor output and debug macros, and I have seen -fdump-class-hierarchy to look at the v-tables of a class hierarchy...I know there are flags to dump asm output as well..what are some other widely (or perhaps a bit unknown but very handy) flags akin to these?

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Take a look at this Useful GCC flags for C, even though it says C, most of it applies to g++ as well. –  Shahbaz Jun 20 '12 at 17:09

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Few flags which I like:

-x language: used to compile file with extension other than .c or .cpp

-s - dump asm.

-g - debug build.

gcc -O3 -Q --help=optimizers | grep disabled - will give you all optimization flags which remain diabled even after -O3

Wonderful place for all wonderful options

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