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I am using Spring + Ehcache for my cache layer and it is working. But for some reason I wanna manipulate the cache manually.

@Cacheable(value = "productAll")
public List<Product> getAllProduct()

@CacheEvict(value = "product", key = "#product.id")
public Product saveProduct(Product product) 

@Cacheable(value = "product")
public Product getProductById(Long id) 

This works fine, but when I try to manually update the productAll cache in the saveProduct function. I am not able to get the cache back from the cache manager

Cache cache = cacheManager.getCache("productAll");

What is the key that I should use in this case, when no key is provided when we cache in the getProductAll method?

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Try this one:

Cache cache = cacheManager.getCache("productAll");
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this didnt work –  Cshah Sep 25 '14 at 11:28

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