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Is there any usable emacs mode for Rscript?

(Rscript is the script front-end for the R language.)

If I type this:


and do indent in the ESS R-mode it indents the first line like crazy, since it sees it as a comment:

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There isn't, but you can force your Rscript into R editing mode by making the second line of the file look like this:

# -*- mode: R -*-

(More information here.)

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Also, if you end them .R (my choice for normal R files) or .r (my choice for littler or Rscript 'scripts') the mode tends get assigned automatically to. – Dirk Eddelbuettel Aug 12 '09 at 16:23

As of version 5.9, ESS will recognize scripts using the Rscript or litter interpreter; see

For reference, to assign a mode to an interpreter, use the interpreter-mode-alist variable. For example,

(add-to-list 'interpreter-mode-alist '("Rscript" . r-mode))

Any file with a first line like "#!/usr/bin/Rscript" will be recognized as r-mode.

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If you just want to comment out a line, use "##" instead of "#". Double # will put the line at the right position.

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True, and a useful thing to know. However, in this case, the first line is required to start with #! to tell the shell what kind of script it is. – Aaron Sep 20 '11 at 16:59

Try shell-script-mode - with some notes on customized indentation

It indented your code just fine, for me.

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Any reason for the drive-by down-vote? As I said, what I linked to corrected the bad indentation the OP complained about; if this is not helpful, please ignore. If wrong or harmful, downvote -- but do everybody the courtesy of explaining WHY it is wrong. – Michael Paulukonis Sep 7 '10 at 14:57

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