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I just installed mathematica 8, and I am unable to input the mathematica programming language. The free-form linguistic mode works because it's connecting to the wolfram servers, but if try to plot something as simple as:

Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 6Pi}]

Hit Shift-Enter, I get the message:

MakeExpression::boxfmt: InputForm in MakeExpression[FormBox[RowBox[{Plot,
[,RowBox[{RowBox[{<<4>>}],,,RowBox[{<<3>>}]}],]}],InputForm],InputForm] is 
not a box formatting type. A box formatting type is any member of $BoxForms. >>

However, if I just go to the documentation for Plot, copy and paste the same function from the documentation into my notebook, hit shift-enter, the plot shows up.

I was just following along the hands-on tutorial and ran into this problem.

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I assume restarting Mathematica doesn't help? It sounds like your installation may be broken... – Szabolcs Jun 18 '12 at 7:43

Please try clearing the cache and preferences as described in the Troubleshooting tutorial appropriate to your platform. Search for "Troubleshooting" in the help browser.

For example (OS X):

Front End Preferences

Front end preferences, such as the locations of recently opened and saved files, are stored in a front end initialization file called init.m. This file is located in the directory ~/Library/Mathematica/FrontEnd. If you need to reset the front end preferences to their default values, hold down Shift+Option during startup. This will cause the initialization file to be rebuilt automatically.


Information about your Mathematica system layout, such as the locations of text resource files and help files, is stored in caches. These caches are located in the directory ~/Library/Mathematica/FrontEnd/7.0/Caches.

A corrupted cache may cause the front end to produce an error or quit immediately on startup. The most convenient way to restore the caches to their default values is to hold down Shift+Option during startup. This will cause the Mathematica caches and the initialization file to be rebuilt automatically.

If you want to rebuild your caches but retain your preferences, hold down Shift during startup. This will delete and rebuild the cache without rebuilding your front end initialization file.

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this worked for me (Holding down "Shift" button at start up) – Martin Jul 7 '15 at 16:49

It looks like you have some strange formatting issue. The cell seems to have some formatting that you can't see. Making a new cell by clicking down at the bottom and typing there should fix the problem.

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I think the formatting is the issue, since if I copy and paste a Plot command from the documentation, then change the function, it correctly plots different functions. However, even if I open a brand new notebook, type in Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 2Pi}], same error. – user1462333 Jun 18 '12 at 3:08

Try this: Open New > Package(.m)

It gives you a single textbox to type/paste in. Write this command. The formatting shouldn't pose a problem in the package mode. Hit Run package at the top.

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