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i am trying to figure the best way to go about getting the number of retweets for a given tweet and likewise the number of comments for a specific facebook post.

I know there are api calls to retrieve these things individually using their respective apis however my question is how to achieve this on different platforms.

For example lets say i have both a web app and iOS app that i would like my users to be able to share images from to either facebook or twitter. I have used something like ShareKit on iOS to share the images and i could probably tweak it to capture the id for the tweet/post which i could then send back to the web app to store in a db.

Question is then how do i go about getting the number of retweets/likes for these tweets and posts? Issue being that is that as far as i understand these are authenticated calls and i wouldnt have the proper authentication to get that info from facebook/twitter as the user would only have authorized my iOS app and not the web app? Is there a way for me to pass on the user authentication to my server from the iOS and then use that when making the calls to get the number of retweets/likes?

Any ideas?


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You do not need to be authenticated to see how many retweets a tweet has.

The documentation on showing tweets makes that very clear.

Let's say that the tweet ID is 211912719195058176

You can make this call to Twitter's API

In the response, you will see


It's that simple.

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Thx, i saw that the twitter mentioned that auth was optional however i believe for the FB api it is mandatory – s.newave Jun 19 '12 at 3:58

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