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What're differences between :

System . Windows . Browser . HtmlPage . Window . Eval ( ... );

System . Windows . Browser . HtmlPage . Window . Invoke ( ... );

What I reached till now is

Eval :

  • Apply JavaScript code applied withen it. ( Code written in Silverlight )
  • Invoke JavaScript global methods without parameters . ( Methods written in JavaScript )

Invoke :

  • Call JavaScript global methods with/out parameter/s. ( Methods written in JavaScript )

If I'm true, are there other differences ?
I really need a simple but powerful difference example.

MSDN References :

Finally, Which function doing a real injection ?


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Try this code

HtmlPage.Window.Eval("function addElement(string){ var p = document.createElement('p'); p.innerHTML = string; document.body.appendChild(p);}")  
HtmlPage.Window.Eval("addElement('Eval function');")  
HtmlPage.Window.Invoke("addElement", "Invoke function")  

he add 2 paragraphs on page.
Differences between Eval and Invoke function is that Invoke calling a function with (or without) parameters and Eval execute a code.

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