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What is the best practice for checking in an EditText for any values before my onclick from a button is fired off. When its fired off now with no value it errors out and crashes. I tried to do a if(edittext != null){then my onlcick code} and it still crashed when I clicked it after no value in the edittext.

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The reason why if (edittext != null) {...} does not work is because this statement will check for a condition on the actual EditText object, and not its contents.

If you're after the contents, simply call edittext.getText() and apply your validation logic to that. There's a convenience method in TextUtils that you can use to check whether the text is null or empty (""): TextUtils.isEmpty(edittext.getText()). You can use it for plain Java strings too, e.g.


Which will trim leading and trailing spaces first, before the test. Depending on your requirements, you can extend this easily with a regular expression to strip out any white space character etc. As a general tip: search around for "android form validation" and I'm sure you'll find more pointers.

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Thanks! Its exactly what I needed! GREAT ANSWER! –  Intelwalk Jun 18 '12 at 15:01

I used this:

String content = editText.getText().toString().trim();
if (content.length() == 0) {
    // do something

Since this also prevents strings with only whitespaces.

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