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when i used eclipse in win7.(Notebook - NT530U4B) my phone status is always offline. sometimes show too many same devices(but all devices is offline)

if I used usb storage. It works right. eclipse works right in winXP(another desktop computer , same cable , same devices)

I used XT720(Motorola motoroi) & Su-640(LG optimus-Lte)

I tried reinstall Driver adb kill & restart , reboot use another cable

how to remove this problem

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The issue is with your drivers. I recommend you uninstall the device through device manager( Windows Key + R > devmgmt.msc > [Enter] ) and try installing PDANet(tutorial here: http://www.topnotchtablets.com/installADBdriver ). PDANet is distributed with necessary drivers to allow Windows to automatically install the correct ADB drivers.

And double check that "USB Debugging" is enabled in the phone's settings menu, of course.

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it works well ~ thx ~! –  mini Jun 18 '12 at 16:09
Glad that helped, this took me forever to figure out on my own when I first had to do it. –  Ditmar Wendt Jun 18 '12 at 18:38

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