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I'm fetching selectItems list for a p:selectOneListbox via ajax using a request scoped bean. Thus on submitting back the form I'm getting this error:

j_idt153:j_idt159:j_idt184:j_idt194: Validation Error: Value is not valid

I dont want to submit the value of p:selectOneListbox to any bean property that's why the value EL for that component was omitted but still JSF is validating the selected option & it is not there since my bean was request scoped. Now I want to completely skip validating this component since this p:selectOneListbox is just for presentation purposes & its value is not used after the submit form process. How do I avoid validating/ submitting p:selectOneListbox's value completely

        <p:ajax event=".." listener="#{pim.retrieveProjects()}" update="usrProjctsList" />

        <p:selectOneListbox id="usrProjctsList" onchange="jsfElmnt('#{cc.clientId}:selUsrProjct').val($(this).val());">
            <f:selectItems value="#{pim.projects}" var="project" itemLabel="#{project.title}" itemValue="#{}"/> 

        <h:inputHidden id="selUsrProjct" value="#{bean.underProject}"/>
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I don't think that the error j_idt153:j_idt159:j_idt184:j_idt194: Validation Error: Value is not valid referring to <p:selectOneListbox id="usrProjctsList" cause its id not present in the j_idt153:j_idt159:j_idt184:j_idt194 id at all...

do view source in your browser and look for the j_idt153:j_idt159:j_idt184:j_idt194 id and try to find out to whom it belongs

also you can try to add immediate="true" to your <p:ajax to skip validation or try adding <p:ajax to that troublesome component j_idt153:j_idt159:j_idt184:j_idt194

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As Daniel said, the id doesn't match either. But for skipping the validation you could also use the process=@this (and other stuff, except the listBox) on your ajax event. Since you are using primefaces this will just process the stuff written there and skip the rest.

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