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I try to change a string into an object using eval but failed.

var obj ="{a:0, b:-1}";

Error msg says "invalid label" but even this doesn't work

var obj="{'a':'0', 'b':'-1'}";

What's wrong with the code?

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when evaling json, you have to put braces around it, so it should look like (otherwise it's not a complete javascript-statement):


this solved the error, but the generated object isn't saved to any variable - so you might want to end up with something else, like:

eval('obj = '+obj);

this also makes a complete statement and, in addition, obj now is a "real" object.

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That's interesting...Actually I didn't use brackets previously but instead put string into a literal array so it's something like: obj = eval("[string]"); and it worked. So I didn't notice that issue. Thanks. I'll try it now. –  NSF Jun 18 '12 at 5:37
why do the obj = inside the eval? eval returns the result; simply assign that: obj = eval('('+obj+')'); Do as little with eval as possible –  newacct Jun 18 '12 at 17:34

you can try something like this too.

var obj=eval(" [{'a':'0', 'b':'-1'}] ");
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