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I am using Kendo UI. I am able to load the panel bar dynamically.now i want to insert the grid into the panelbar .If i click on the panel bar header,inside the header i have to display the grid and i want to load the grid dynamically.

Any suggestions..

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You could bind a callback to an appropriate event in the PanelBar, like select or expand, and load the grid in the callback.

Something like this (had no time to test...):

var panelBar = $("#panelBar").data("kendoPanelBar");
// bind the error ajax event
panelBar.bind("expand", function(e) {
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I've done this here, although the accordion doesn't work in the fiddle, it works when I run the coding locally. I think something is just linked wrong, but the coding works!.

For example, I count the number of occurances in the dataSource and then I created a loop to run that number of times, where I created a grid inside the loop.

This works the same as a loop:

$(doc).find("component").each(function (x, component) 
    $("#gridGenerate" + x).kendoGrid({
    dataSource: {
        transport: {
            read: function (op) {
                return op.success(gridDataArray);
        pageSize : 9

Hope this is useful.

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