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I am in the process of implementing iPhone in app purchases for my application to sell songs.

Songs would be added and delivered from my web server to the iPhone app. I want to allow the user to buy individual songs or subscribe to a particular category like Love, Friendship, etc. All the individual purchases of songs costs $0.99.

Some links / references state that if I want to sell 100 products/songs means, I have to add 100 entries in iTunes portal.

Here I would like to know one-thing: As I am selling all the individual poems at the same cost, can I create only one in app purchase item/entry and use the same product id for all the songs?

*When a user taps "Buy" for single song in my app, i query the same product id and display like "Do you want to buy this song for $0.99" and when the user taps "Ok", the payment process gets completed and i call my web service with song-id and deliver the song content for that us*er.

Will there be any disadvantage / downside in using the same product id for all the songs ( individual songs purchase ) in the iTunes.

I think Non consumable would be relevent for this single song purchase. but i would like to know what would be the correct type to use Consumable / Non consumable?

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Please guide me – user198725878 Jun 18 '12 at 6:18

I think you should have different product identifier for each song because each song will represent different feature and to differentiate which song user has purchased you should have some identifier.

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No, you cannot use the same product ID for purchases that need to be bought separately.

If you add a non-consumable product that has already been purchased to the payment queue, you will get a pop-up saying that the product has already been bought, and will ask the user whether they want to re-download the product for free. Hence, each non-consumable product can only be bought once.

However, using a consumable product ID can be possible as it can be used in a transaction any number of times, and as long as you handle the maintenance of purchase history yourself, can be used effectively in your situation.

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