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In Akka, you can pipe a future to an actor. How can be it be done under Play 2.0's promise?


final Future<Result> transformed = aggregate.map(new Mapper<Iterable<Object>, Result>() {
  public Result apply(Iterable<Object> coll) {
    final Iterator<Object> it = coll.iterator();
    final String s = (String) it.next();
    final int x = (Integer) it.next();
    return new Result(x, s);

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Hi angelokh. Did you figure this out? –  Saurav Shah Oct 31 '12 at 8:26
what is your use case? –  angelokh Oct 31 '12 at 18:22

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You need to wrap the Future<Result> in a Promise<Result> to use it in an async request handler in Play. Here is an example:

public static F.Promise<Result> foo() {

    ActorRef fooActor = Akka.system().actorOf(Props.create(FooActor.class));

    Future<Object> response = ask(fooActor, "message", 5000);

    Future<Result> result = response.map(new Mapper<Object, Result>() {
        public Result apply(Object message) {
            return ok("whatever");
    }, HttpExecution.defaultContext());

    return F.Promise.wrap(result);
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