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In github's jade documentation, it talks about the buffered technique:

Code buffered by = is escaped by default for security, however to output unescaped return values you may use !=:

p!= aVarContainingMoreHTML

I don't quiet understand the use of exclamation mark here, I mean, why not just use:

p= aVarContainingMoreHTML

In fact, I don't quiet understand the usage of buffer technique, there isn't much related to buffer technique in the doc

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Without the !, p= aVarContainingMoreHTML would render brackets as > and &lt whereas p!= aVarContainingMoreHTML would render the var as HTML. You should only use ! when you really need to.

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Thanks for your reply, now I understand it more (especially the term 'escape') –  webberpuma Jun 19 '12 at 2:04

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