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I am a noobie to hosting so please bear with me. I have recently setup a new VPS and the IP address of my VPS is also working (ie. I can access my website through the IP address setup for my VPS). I also purchased a domain off of GoDaddy. Now, I want to point my domain from GoDaddy to my VPS. However, my VPS does not have any nameservers installed.

My understanding is that if I use GoDaddy's nameservers, I don't have to setup my own nameservers (which would also reduce the workload on my VPS). This Stackoverflow link talks about pointing GoDaddy to my VPS's IP address by pointing the "A record" to my server (I assume that means pointing the A record to my VPS's IP address): Setting DNS on a VPS

Unfortunately, the stackoverflow link above says nothing about any configuration I have to do on my end from the VPS to synchronize with GoDaddy. Do I have to do any additional configuration from my VPS? I am running WebsitePanel and IIS 7 on my VPS.

PS. If you have not used WebsitePanel, but you have used another Control Panel, please let me know roughly what you did on your VPS/Control Panel, so I can try to reproduce what you did on my VPS.

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If you've set up your nameserver records correctly, all that's left is to make sure the site is properly added to IIS.

Here's a very simplistic guide to doing this: http://myhosting.com/wiki/Adding_a_Domain_to_IIS_7

The VPS listens for requests that have that domain's header, and serves the correct page for that domain. This bypasses WebsitePanel, but I've never used that service.

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Link is not working –  Sanjay Aug 30 '14 at 12:15

You can set nameservers from your WebsitePanel.

For this perform following Steps : Login to your WebsitePanel -> Go to Configuration Menu -> Select Servers -> Select DNS -> add IP for name server and add nameservers.

Now loging to your GoDaddy domain control panel. Add IP and nameservers for your domain.

Note : nameservers will take approx 24-48 hours to propogate.

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