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Im writing an app to store files on Amazon S3. Im pretty close, Im able to save and retrieve files using a url. However since these links are public Im trying to use the following method in my assetscontroller to retrieve stored files from S3.

As links these files can be viewed/accessed in the browser, but if I use this code :

#This action will let the users download the files (after a simple authorization check)
def get
  asset = current_user.assets.find_by_id(params[:id])
  if asset
  #Parse the URL for special characters first before downloading  
  data = open("#{URI.parse(URI.encode(asset.uploaded_file.url))}")
  #then again, use the "send_data" method to send the above binary "data" as file.  
   send_data data, :filename => asset.uploaded_file_file_name 

   flash[:error]="Access Violation"
   redirect_to assets_path


Im getting this error in my browser:

Errno::ENOENT in AssetsController#get
No such file or directory - http://s3.amazonaws.com/BUCKETNAME/assets/29/FILENAME.jpeg?    1339979591

When I click on the resource on the S3 site as Im logged into the S3 management console, the file is shown in my browser and its link is

https://s3.amazonaws.com/BUCKETNAME/assets/29/FILENAME.jpeg?     AWSAccessKeyId=XXXXXXXXXXXExpires=1340003832&Signature=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-amz-security-      token=XXXXXXXXX//////////XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

So it does exist but cant be accessed through my app

Here is my Application Trace from my browser:

app/controllers/assets_controller.rb:99:in `initialize'
app/controllers/assets_controller.rb:99:in `open'
app/controllers/assets_controller.rb:99:in `get'

Any clues on whats going on?


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You can also just redirect the user to the file on S3.

Just try

redirect_to asset.uploaded_file.url

instead of send_file. send_file expects a path to a local file, which is then used by the webserver.

If you've set s3_permissions => :private, then you need to call

redirect_to asset.uploaded_file.expiring_url(10)

It's also interesting that in your error message it is http against https in s3 - you can also try to add the following option to your model's has_attached_file

:s3_protocol => 'https' 

Hope this helps.

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