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SELECT @MaxCategory = MAX(Category) + 1 from Categories
MERGE Categories As target
  ('AddressLine1', @MaxCategory),
  ('AddressLine2', @MaxCategory)
AS Source (Field, Categorykey)
ON (source.Field = target.Name AND Source.CategoryKey = target.Category )
INSERT (Name, Category) VALUES (Source.Field, @MaxCategory);

With this query I am trying to check if the rows (AddressLine1, AddressLine2) exist in the categories table. If not I am inserting them into categories. The categorykey of Categories table is a foreign key for the categoryid primary key in CategoryTypes table.

The query works fine for the first time. When I run my query again it throws an error

The MERGE statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint FK_Categories_CategoryKey. The conflict occurred in database test, table dbo.CategoryTypes, column CategoryId

Can someone help me how to fix this?

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Not a fix for the error you're getting, but how can your merge condition Source.CategoryKey = target.Category ever be true if Source.CategoryKey is MAX(target.Category) + 1? –  hvd Jun 18 '12 at 7:38
You seem to have both Category and CategoryKey columns in Categories. Are the two actually the same column? If not, which of the two is the foreign key in question? Perhaps, it would be better if you posted the structures of both tables (column names, types, keys). –  Andriy M Jun 18 '12 at 11:04

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