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The following code is having some problem with the jQuery.

<script type="text/javascript">
        $(window).load(function() {

If I include jQuery in the document head and then use the above code, it will work fine. However, if I use include jQuery using the Wordpress function wp_enqueue_script, I get following error: $ is not defined. I can see from the page source that the jQuery is loaded properly in the header. How can I fix it? Thanks.

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hey: Use jQuery with a capital Q instead of $ to make it work. Wordpress usually includes a script which calls jQuery.noConflict() at the end, leaving $ undefined.

Okies if someone don't like this answer comment before downvote please :)

jQuery(function($) { //jQuery passed in as first param, so you can use $ inside
   // use $
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Use the word jQuery instead of $ and pass it a $ reference

jQuery(function($) {
    // you can use $ here
    $(window).load(function() {
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