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I wanted to develop one HTTP example on win32 platform, which is asynchronous.

I am new to win32 programming, can i know what are the api and library win32 platform

provides for HTTP send and receive request.

I am using windows xp with VS 2005.

If any example is available directly on net please provide me link to it,

with regards Vinayaka karjigi

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This article demonstrates a function that handles GET and POST. –  jar Jun 16 at 20:15

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You can use WinHTTP library. Here is an sample on Asynchronous completion.

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thanks for the link, it wil be of more use to me i guess –  Vinayaka Karjigi Jul 10 '09 at 6:06

Window HTTP Services "provides developers with an HTTP client application programming interface (API) to send requests through the HTTP protocol to other HTTP servers."

HTTP Server API "enables applications to communicate over HTTP without using Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)"

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thanks for the link and information, it wil be of more use to me i guess –  Vinayaka Karjigi Jul 10 '09 at 6:06

Boost Asio is a nice synchronous/asynchronous library which has everything you need for HTTP servers/clients. It has some extensive examples on HTTP servers, and the relevant clients. Now if you are new to C++ in general this library may be a little cryptic. You could always go have a look at MSDN if you want a more from scratch approach.

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boost.asio provides a mechanism for you to formulate your own http requests by hand; the windows http services encapsulate the protocol for you. –  Dustin Getz Jul 8 '10 at 20:35

Generally I'd recommend something cross-platform like cURL, POCO, or Qt. However, here is a Windows example using IXMLHTTPRequest!:

// TODO: error handling

#include <atlbase.h>
#include <msxml6.h>

CComPtr<IXMLHTTPRequest> request;

hr = request.CoCreateInstance(CLSID_XMLHTTP60);
hr = request->open(
hr = request->send(_variant_t());

// get status - 200 if succuss
long status;
hr = request->get_status(&status);

// load image data (if url points to an image)
VARIANT responseVariant;
hr = request->get_responseStream(&responseVariant);
IStream* stream = (IStream*)responseVariant.punkVal;
CImage image = new CImage();
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