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In VC++ 6.0, MFC I want to select a multiple files

CFileDialog opendialog(true); // opens the dialog for open;
opendialog.m_ofn.lpstrTitle="SELECT FILE"; //selects the file title;
opendialog.m_ofn.lpstrFilter="text files (*.txt)\0*.txt\0"; //selects the filter;

if(opendialog.DoModal()==IDOK) //checks wether ok or cancel button is pressed;
    srcfilename=opendialog.GetPathName(); //gets the path name;

The code sample above allows only a single file being selected at a time, but I want to select multiple text files, for example by holding down control key (ctrl+select the multiple files). How can I achieve this?

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So in the constructor for CFileDialog you can set the dwFlags parameter to have 'OFN_ALLOWMULTISELECT'. Thats the easy part, to actually get the multiple file names back you have to modify the m_ofn.lpstrFile member in the CFileDialog to point to a buffer that you have allocated. Have a look here:


Here is an example use of it, hope the comments suffice:

void CMainFrame::OnFileOpen()
    char strFilter[] = { "Rule Profile (*.txt)|*.txt*||" };

    CFileDialog FileDlg(TRUE, "txt", NULL, OFN_ALLOWMULTISELECT, strFilter);
    CString str;
    int nMaxFiles = 256;
    int nBufferSz = nMaxFiles*256 + 1;
    FileDlg.GetOFN().lpstrFile = str.GetBuffer(nBufferSz);
    if( FileDlg.DoModal() == IDOK )
    	// The resulting string should contain first the file path:
    	int pos = str.Find(' ', 0);
    	if ( pos == -1 );
    		//error here
    	CString FilePath = str.Left(pos);
    	// Each file name is seperated by a space (old style dialog), by a NULL character (explorer dialog)
    	while ( (pos = str.Find(' ', pos)) != -1 )
    	{	// Do stuff with strings
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still i am confusion , i am not getting clearly, please will u give me sample of code or any example,or please modify my code given above thank you –  guru Jul 10 '09 at 6:09

You should pass the OFN_ALLOWMULTISELECT flag in OpenFileName structure to allow the multi selection.

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please can you me a example so that i will get more clear ,thank you –  guru Jul 10 '09 at 6:17

Insert this line:

opendialog.m_ofn.Flags |= OFN_ALLOWMULTISELECT;

Or set the flag in the CFileDialog constructor as DeusAduro did.

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An example:

CString sFilter = _T("XXX Files (*.xxx)|*.xxx|All Files (*.*)|*.*||");

CFileDialog my_file_dialog(TRUE, _T("xxx"),NULL,
                           sFilter, this);

if ( my_file_dialog.DoModal()!=IDOK )

POSITION pos ( my_file_dialog.GetStartPosition() );
while( pos )
    CString filename= my_file_dialog.GetNextPathName(pos);

    //do something with the filename variable
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