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I have a program here that uses the ldap_add, when i try to run the program, it displays an error:

Warning: ldap_add() [function.ldap-add]: Add: Invalid syntax in /var/www/suey/costcenter.20090617.php on line 780

My lil' code here is:

 $ds = ldap_connect($ldapservers);
 if ($ds){
           $r = ldap_bind($ds, $ldaprootun, $ldaprootpw);
           $add = ldap_add($ds, "uid=$fuid, $ldapbasedn", $infonew);


ldapbasedn is set to o=ourGroup; infonew is an array of entries (person information) and am so sure that the array is not empty because i already tested it. the uid is not empty too. What could be wrong? Is it the entries(array)? or the server am trying to connect to? I tried testing the ldap_bind, and it also works well too..hmmm..

Pls help.. thanks!

I found the problem.. it's in the index infonew["createdBy"] = getenv("REMOTE_USER"); it returns NULL! now, is that right?

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Can you please post a var_dump($infonew) (or print_r($infonew))?

I strongly assume that there is some data in $infonew that cannot be written to the LDAP server.


You cannot use null in the LDAP data array. Either strip the appropriate key (createdBy) from the array or set the value to array().

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