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I want to write parallel program in C++ using OpenMP, so I am getting started with OpenMP. On the other words I am a beginner and I need good OpenMP guide telling how to install it. Does someone know instructions how to install OpenMP on Windows, then compile and run the program? Thanks!

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the OpenMP api is implemented in various compilers. see here for a list with links with further instructions depending on your compiler

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OpenMP is not something that you install. It comes with your compiler. You just need a decent compiler that supports OpenMP and you need to know how to enable OpenMP support since it is usually disabled by default.

The standard compiler for Windows comes from Microsoft and it is the Microsoft Visual C/C++ compiler from Visual Studio. Unfortunately its OpenMP support is a bit outdated - even the latest and greatest Visual Studio only supports OpenMP 2.0 (an outdated standard version from 2002). See here for more information on how to use OpenMP in Visual Studio. There are other compilers available as well - both Intel C/C++ Compiler (commercial license required) and GCC (freely available) support newer OpenMP versions and other compilers are available too.

You can start learning OpenMP by visiting the OpenMP web site here. Also there is a great tutorial on OpenMP from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory available here.

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