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I am trying to create an android app that has the following:

  • Theme set to @android:style/Theme.Black
  • Bottom options menu button on all activities except for one.

I am trying to remove the bottom menu button from the activity that I do not want it to appear on by returning false in the OnCreateOptionsMenu method. This doesn't work...

So if I compile my app to target sdk version 14 the menu is gone from every activity...

How can I achieve this?

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Assuming you are thinking of the standard Android MENU button, this cannot be removed. Keep in mind that on many older phones, this is a hardware (physical) button.

I recommend reading the advice I received in the following link, regarding the MENU button and the various issues pertaining to the changes from earlier version of Android to ICS.

The missing MENU button in HoneyComb and Ice Cream Sandwich

Also, I would pay attention to the following official info from Google, and strongly considering rebuilding the app to not be dependent on the MENU button.


Not only should your apps stop relying on the hardware Menu button, but you should stop thinking about your activities using a “menu button” at all.

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