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I am trying to install self-built extension for Opera . As Opera suggests :

1.One method is simply dragging .xml file to opera.And it gets installed in developer mode. Also it works pretty fine in my case.

But the second method:

2.Zip the folder and change name from .zip to .oex. Now drag it to Opera.

And it gets installed.This doesn't work.

I get the following popups

get this popup

And when I click OK.I get the following message. enter image description here

Anyone can tell me what is the problem.

Still the First method works completely fine. And the Extension is also working fine.

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Is config.xml on the top level in the zipped folder? I believe it has to be. –  Petter Nilsen Jun 18 '12 at 9:57
i got a main folder inside which 3 folders.1) popup(inside which popup.css and popup.js reside),2) includes(inside which injected.js resides),3) icons(for images).And config.xml,popup.html,index.js and index.html are in main folder. Now could you tell what you mean by top level ? –  vijay Jun 18 '12 at 10:47

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It is a common mistake. You are currently zipping the folder when you must zip the files inside the folder.

You need to make sure you zip up your extension so that the files and directories that comprise it are in the root of the zip, and not inside a folder. To ensure this, make sure that you zip up the files inside your extension directory, and not the directory itself. Subtle, but it makes all the difference. — Hello world extension

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Thanks man.It was irritating me alot.Finally,I made it.Thanks for your help. :) –  vijay Jun 27 '12 at 5:09

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