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EMACS 24.1. I need to Rebind Ctrl-space to a custom function that:

  • go to end of line
  • delete trailing spaces if any
  • set the Mark (as normal Ctrl-space)

This is my code not working:

(define-key global-map [?\C- ] 'my-set-mark-command)
(defun my-set-mark-command()
   (delete-char (* -1 (skip-chars-backward "\t\s")));;delete trailing spaces
   (set-mark-command nil))

When no trailing spaces it works normally: start to select and highlight the region. When trailing spaces: it deletes trailing spaces, stop at end of line, set Mark but don't highlight the region.

If I remove the last command (set-mark-command) and I run it manually M-xset-mark-command it works. Please can somebody help me to make this function works properly??

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Modification commands cause the variable deactivate-mark to be reset, causing the mark to be lost. In the documentation for save-excursion it says how to disable that behavior, by binding the deactivate-mark variable with let. You can then change the code to:

(defun my-set-mark-command ()
   (let (deactivate-mark)
     (delete-char (* -1 (skip-chars-backward "\t\s"))))  ;;delete trailing spaces
   (set-mark-command nil))

or even include the whole let inside a save-excursion.

See manual:


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Tanks very much Diego!! It works fine (I am using by months). I apologizes for the delay to accept answer. – Mario Giovinazzo Nov 26 '12 at 11:53

Diego's explained what you want to know. I just want to note that remapping C-SPC is not a good idea. C-SPC manipulates the mark ring, which is extremely useful. See manual, in particular see C-u C-SPC

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…useful unless you're using evil-mode :Ь – Hi-Angel Jul 7 at 13:14

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