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I need disable tooltip in google geo chart. I tried tooltip.trigger: 'none' and other tries, but I can´t disable tooltip.

How to disable tooltip in google geo charts?

Thank You

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Had a look around and tried a few things but it seems that this particular bit of functionality is not part of Geo charts. With other charts, you can do the following and have tooltips disabled:

var options = {
    tooltip {
       trigger: 'none'

A workaround I came across is to create a div that just sits on top of the map and that disables the interactivity of the map. Not the best solution but a work around until it's made available. You can see it working on jsfiddle.

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According to asgallant on 12-09-12:

You can disable the tooltips by setting the option enableRegionInteractivity: false, which also disables clicking on regions. The API does not expose a mouseover event for the geo charts, so if you want to do your own, you will have to hook the mouse events on the SVG/VML manually. As far as I am aware, there is no good way to map an SVG/VML element to a DataTable element, though.

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