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I have an application with a open graph actions validated that I use with my site. I would like to publish these actions on a facebook page rather than on the user timeline. Here is the request that I use:

POST https://graph.facebook.com/{my page id}/my-app:post?access_token={page access token}&action=http://mywebsite/myaction

The Facebook API returns me this error:

["message"]=>string(30) "An unknown error has occurred."
["type"]=>string(14) "OAuthException"

Is this normal? Is it possible to publish open graph action on a fan page?

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Is it possible to publish open graph action on a fan page ?

Actions are supposed to be undertaken by real people.

Having a page „watch a movie” or „cook a recipe” etc. wouldn’t make much sense at all.

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+1 Pages cannot 'use' OG apps, nor can OG actions be posted to a page's timeline –  Igy Jun 18 '12 at 15:38

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