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I need to know the absolute position of my UILabel in the window coordinates. This UILabel (in the code below, uil) is located inside a view at 34 x 174 y of the view coordinate system)

I see that many psay that convertPoint should be used to get the absolute values. But after convertion I get a CGPoint that is still at 34 x 174 y. While I expected coordinates referring to the screen window.

Could you explain to me what I am doing wrong and how to get the window coordinates of my label?

CGPoint cgp = [uil convertPoint:uil.frame.origin fromView:nil];


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The documentation for convertPoint:toView: says, "If view is nil, this method instead converts to window base coordinates." It sounds like you want that rather than fromView:.

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Yes thanks. This is what I want but unfortunately the CGPoint even with CGPoint cgp = [uil convertPoint:uil.frame.origin toView:nil]; remains at he same coordinates (34 x 174 y) –  user1412042 Jun 18 '12 at 11:32
That's unexpected. What do you get if you use NSLog(@"Super: %@", [uil superview]); at the point where you do the conversion? –  Phillip Mills Jun 18 '12 at 11:56
Hello thanks for help. I solved instead of writin toView:nil I used toView:uiv.superview where uiv is the view containing the label. –  user1412042 Jun 19 '12 at 9:17

Just FTR, this sample code may help someone.

If you're trying to "move" a view from one view to another -- for example when segueing.

    // transfer "ownership" of a view from wherever it is now, to self.
    // keep the position correct.

    CGPoint oldCenterInWC = [peel.superview toView:nil];
    NSLog(@"oldCenterInWC is ... %@", NSStringFromCGPoint(oldCenterInWC) );

    // now change ownership...
    [self addSubview:peel];

    CGPoint oldCenterInMyViewCoords =
       [self convertPoint:oldCenterInWC fromView:nil];
    NSLog(@"oldCenterInMyViewCoords is ... %@",
       NSStringFromCGPoint(oldCenterInMyViewCoords) ); = oldCenterInMyViewCoords;

Hope it helps

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