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  • C++ code base with more than 500K LOC
  • The same base code used for Windows (Visual Studio 9 2008) and Linux (RHEL)

Most of the frequent task during development is of course edit/compile/fix (therefore we like programming :)). Most of our developers are with Visual Studio background only and IMHO it's pretty powerful.

Is there any way to compile on Linux machine remotely from within VS?

I found this site and this other site but Visual Studio 9 2008 doesn't support nmake, while I need to add command line for at least build/rebuild and clean. I found that I can add one command as a pre-build event or as external tool (Menu->Tools->...). But it is only 1 command, while I need 3 commands.

Maybe is there some other way?


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Try adding the three commands separated by semicolons.


I have not tested this, and won't be able to until I reboot, but I think this might work.

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If you can "only add one command", then of the solution should be wrapping the sequence of commands that you want to run into a .bat file. I haven't tried doing this from Visual Studio, but I would be really surprised if it didn't work.

Here is an article about cross-compiling Linux code, using gcc, for Linux in a Windows-hosted environment.

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What happens if you put the three commands in a bat file and invoked the batch file as a one pre-build event command?, does this fix your issue

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