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I'm pretty new to Rails. I have been developing my app with RSpec. I have just followed a tutorial for Facebooker2 and added the before_filter for authentication.

before_filter :ensure_authenticated

However, my specs such as the one below failed because there's no valid session which is understandable.

describe "GET index" do
  it "assigns all answers as @answers" do
    get :index, {}, valid_session
    assigns(:answers).should include(answers(:reading))

But I can't seem to find a way to fake a valid session for rspec to use in the following function.

def valid_session

Is there a way at all? If not, what is the rails way of doing things for such a case?

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If you aren't concerned about testing the actual authentication and just want to simulate a valid session, you could stub out the filter:


EDIT: you may need ApplicationController.stub(...)

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