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I performed a lot of search around this question, and do not find any answer.

In a Java Program, I have a "SimpleFeatureCollection"(geotools) and a "StyleLayerDescriptor"(geotools) which contain my "SimpleFeatureCollection" style, and I need to generate a KML file using this style.

I actually generate successfully a KML file (without any style) using my "SimpleFeatureCollection" object with the following code:

static public boolean collectionToKMLFile(File iKMLFile, SimpleFeatureCollection iPolygonsCollection, StyledLayerDescriptor iStyle) throws IOException
    Encoder lEncoder = new Encoder(new KMLConfiguration());
    FileOutputStream lFileOutputStream = new FileOutputStream(iKMLFile);
    lEncoder.encode(iPolygonsCollection, KML.kml, lFileOutputStream);
    return false;

I do not find any information on how to add style, I do not think it is impossible, do yo have an idea ?


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I finally decided to write a program to generate my own Styled KML File.

In fact, it is not really hard:

  1. Write KML Header
  2. Loop over your geometries and Write them
  3. Write Kml Footer

All information relative to KML elements defined in KML Version 2.2 could be found here :


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Can you share some code snippet please? I'm trying to do the same :( –  Sergey Feb 13 '13 at 15:58
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