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I have a situation here to implement maker-checker functionality over a hibernate implemented table. I'll explain a bit more:

There is job entity.
Someone wants to change the job name.
They edit the job name and submit the change.
That name is not persisted into the database until someone approves the change.

What I have in mind is

Serialize the job object with the changed name and save it to a file.
On the admin screen, read back the object and show for approval.
Once approved, the de-serialized object is merged back to the session and saved.

I want advice on whether my methodology will work, good enough, or can be improvised.
Share your views on this.

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Serializing entities is tricky. In most cases, it breaks lazy loading. Avoiding lazy loading might or might not be a solution in your case. In most applications, lazy loading is essential.

I would most probably add a marker to the job entity, which contains the approve state. you could also do some entity-name acrobatics. You can store the same entity in different tables when using entity names (at least with NHibernate, but I think they took it from hibernate).

If this all doesn't fit, consider using a special class for serialization; a DTO. It keeps your model free from serialization and allows you to store its data into a file.

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