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I'm trying to put an header (some lines of text, nothing fancy) fixed when scrollng down in a report. Is there some kind of tag or declaration that I have to use?

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What kind of output - "legacy" list output, ALV Grid, ...? – vwegert Jun 18 '12 at 12:21
it's a list.... – Eva Dias Jun 18 '12 at 14:39
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In SE38 you can define list heading with 'GOTO -> Text Elements -> List Headings`. Maintenance screen for list headers

You can define a list header, and titles for your list (Columns heading).

One advantage: With GOTO -> Translations you can define different texts in different languages.

Another way to get this maintenance screen:

From your list, you can choose: System -> List -> List Header. List screen: System -> List -> List Header Define title texts

Another way:

You can use top-of-page to define your header text inside your report code.

  write 'My header'.
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@Eva A remark: You wrote fixed when scrolling. The methods in this answer works fine with printing, and it defines header lines. But I works only with new pages. Scolling down on an endless list does not make new pages (instead of printing). You may combine the solutions with REPORT PAGE-SIZE 25 to force pages with 25 lines. – knut Jun 19 '12 at 8:53
Thank you. I already had that "PAGE-SIZE 25" in the code, but, because i'm new at this, didn't understand what could it do, so it was commented. – Eva Dias Jun 19 '12 at 14:49

You can use the TOP OF PAGE event to write something that will stick at the top of the page while scrolling. You can find more info here.

You can also use the list headers from Text Elements menu. More info here.

Best regards, Sergiu

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One way is directly using top-of-page in your code.

Other way is calling reuse_alv_grid_display or reuse_alv_list_display (depending on your output type) and declaring "top-of-page" in the I_CALLBACK_TOP_OF_PAGE line. Then create a sub-routine with the same name as your "top-of-page". In that you can write wa_list-typ = 'H'. wa_list-info = ''. APPEND wa_list to it_list. clear wa_list.


wa_list-typ = 'A'. wa_list-info = 'Report Header'. APPEND wa_list to it_list. clear wa_list.


wa_list-typ = 'S'. wa_list-info = 'Report Header'. APPEND wa_list to it_list. clear wa_list.

depending on what you want (header, action or selection).

Finally you can use REUSE_ALV_COMMENTARY_WRITE function and call the table(in this example it_list).

Hope it helped.

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